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Photo Gallery

Sunburst Specialty Shape Shutter

Painted Shutter (Two Panel Opening)

Outside view of shutters

Bi-Fold shutters on French Doors

Beaded-L Frame Mounted Inside Existing Casing

Arched Shutter in Stain

Double French Doors with Handle Cut-Outs

Single French Door with Handle Cut-Out

French Door with Round Handle Cut-Out

Slider with Valance over French Doors

ByPass Slider Opened to the Left

Shutter with beaded frame

Vinyl shutter using beaded frame with ¾ divider rail

Shutter Model with 4 Panels that Bifold

Outside view of shutters

Stained Arch

ByPass Slider and Arch

4 Panel Bifold on Sliding Glass Door with ½ Divider Rail

4 Panel Bifold on Sliding Glass Door Closed

4 Panel Bifold on Sliding Glass Door with Divider Rail (bottom set of louvers closed)

Vinyl shutter with Z-Frame and ½ Divider Rail

2 Panel Shutter

Bifold 4 Panel Shutter, ½ Divider Rail.

Z-Frame Corner Group in a Stain

Z-Frame Shutter with Center Divider Rail

4 Panel Shutter with Quarter Divider Rail

A San Diego Shutter Company
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